Thursday, April 22, 2010

If drawings were photographs: dog art.

Illustrator Tom Edwards and photographer Rob Matthews created a small book on the theme 'If drawings were photographs', all of the book is funny and original but this one is of special interest to me and all of you dog lovers out there...

(Credit to the artists of course.)

Pretty adorable I'm sure you'll agree!

Dog Of The Day: Sheena!

Meet Sheena, a beautiful German Shepherd I spotted via her dog mum Penni on her flickr website! Super cute and definitely worthy of dog of the day! Oh yes! Sheena's lovely mum let me interview her for the blog!


Above: Sheena as a reindeer!

Puppy heart: What do you love most about dogs, and how many doggies do you have?:
Penni: I love how my dogs love is unconditional. I have 2 dogs, a German Shepherd and a mixed breed, both rescued.

How and why did you decide on adopting a German Shepherd?:
Penni: My husband and I both have always wanted a German Shepherd.

How old is Sheena?:
Since she is rescued, it's hard to know exactly but she is estimated to be about 9 years old.

What are Sheena's favorite things to do?:

Fetching frisbees, going for walks and swimming. She didn't always love swimming, I had to teach her and now she loves it.

What are Sheena's favorite things to eat?:
Sheena loves yogurt

Does she have any bad habits?:
Sheena thinks someone would should be playing with her 24/7 and can be a big pest when she's feeling neglected.

Is she afraid of anything?:
Sheena is very afraid of thunder and gun shots. She also becomes very fearful when the electricity goes out, even if it isn't storming.

What has been the funniest moment/moments with Sheena?:
Watching Sheena lick the inside of an empty peanut butter jar. Watching Sheena hunt for stick while walking through the forest, she finds sticks that are way too big and then tries to drag them with her on her walk.

(Aw, those dog eyes!)

Her most loyal moment?:
When we brought our baby home from the hospital and introduced her to Sheena. Sheena, who is normally very excited and unpredictable, was very gentle and kissed the new baby very gently with just the tip of her tongue. Now that the baby is 15 months old, the baby gets the same big sloppy kisses the rest of us gets.

What was her most surprising moment?:
When Sheena finally learned to love people other than the ones in her pack. She's very shy.

And last of all...

What does Sheena love most in the world?
Her pack.


Thanks again for letting me interview you Penni! Sheena sounds like a wonderful dog. I hope you have years of more super fun and lovely times with her ahead!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A photo of poppy for the evening

Is she laughing dog?
Or closing her eyes because of the sun?
Who knows...

More lovable dog related etsy finds

1. Brightly coloured weiner dogs tote bag that can be found at Emandsprout: here! I love this, perhaps because it looks quite kitsch-y.. which i am always drawn to! 2. Moving eyes dog vintage clock, yes, maybe this is totally hideous, but come on, it's eyes move which is totally awesome. You can buy this: here. 3. Custom made needle felted pet dog replica! So precious. Found on etsy at Candidstudios.

Puppy kisses x

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Poppy's Wish List # 1

Things I think Poppy would like...
1. Engraved gold glitter bone dog tag for collar, matches her light blonde hair! On ebay here.
at Swankypets-uk. 2. Tigi PET HEAD hair products(!!! like the human ones but for dogs) a bit on the expensive side, but maybe for christmas!! I really want to buy poppy the 'So Spoiled' conditioner, which is described to smell like Honey & Oatmeal! Mmm! Also the 'Fears for tears' shampoo, which is supposedly good for puppies. Ahh the bone packaging is too cute. You can buy them from Amazon (they appear to be cheaper here than other online stores). 3. Leopard print dog leash! Perhaps a bit over the top and disgustingly tacky, but I kind of like it... also found on swankypets-uk ebay shop.

Canine choccie!

(images from
Easter weekend has just gone by, i know. But who says dogs can't have chocolate eggs any day of the year?!
This recipe for dog chocolate eggs from yourdog magazine looks too yummy. I think it would be hard not to eat it before the dog does...

'Make your dog an easter treat': here.

Keep calm

Not usually a fan of this hugely over done poster but this one, well admittedly i am.
you can buy it: here.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dog related etsy loves.

1. How awesome is this Wall decoration from Graphicspaces @ Etsy? You can personalise it too, for your own dog! Love love love! 2. What is there not to like about this vintage dog puzzle? found at Sillyshopping on Etsy. 3. Awww! What a cute antique woofter. This dog is 90 years old! I want him to be mine! Here. at Petitvintage. 4. Beautiful handmade dog collars from the talented pecanpiepuppies on Etsy. I will get Poppy one of these as soon as she is fully grown! So cute.

Food that ain't for eating, dog.

Love the look of these toys, especially the cakes, these all look much nicer than chewed up slippers do around the house! Don't know if the hot dogs would be very good for a large dog who likes to take the squeak out of them though (that then proceeds to poop it out).
Also saw these puppy blankets on the Pets at Home website a few days ago, they have many good reviews but i saw them today and they are tiny, probably too small for Poppy! It's a nice idea for a young puppy though, as when i was a baby i loved my comfort blanket, and i still do! Maybe it would be best for a small dog or small puppy.

Find them all: here.


Hello, i've decided to keep a blog of dog related things, because i am a giant dog fan, and there are so many nice things for and about dogs that i want to share!

So, I guess i will introduce my dog to start with!
This is Poppy. Our 3 month old white german shepherd dog. She is a sloppy fluffy watery eyed funny one.
And this was Jewel (also known as blob) also a beautiful german shepherd girl, who sadly passed away 30/12/09 due to cancer. Let the woof fun begin...